• Socialab Senegal dissemination workshop, Participants.
  • CoHeRe dissemination: Feedback on evidence summaries
  • Opening remarks by Prof Iyane Sow
  • A panel of Laboratory experts in Senegal
  • Group Session led by Dr.Leon Mutesa from MEPR Rwanda
  • SENEGAL DISSEMINATION- Some of the Participants
  • COHERE Dissemination
  • Meeting Addis-Ababa Ethopia
  • Partners Presenting Posters at the GHSS


We aim to host a shared platform for knowledge translation (KT) across the eight coalitions funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

We aim to build knowledge translation capacity among our coalitions funded by NWO and relevant groups of stakeholders.

We seek to support knowledge translation activities across the network by providing technical support and competitive KT targeted small grants

We also aim to assess/evaluate the KT effects across the network so as to identify and document best practices.


Makerere University
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

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