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Dr Elizabeth Ekirapa Kiracho

Dr Elizabeth Ekirapa Kiracho

Dr Elizabeth Ekirapa Kiracho works with the department of Health Policy Planning and Management at the Makerere University School of Public Health; she is responsible for teaching and evaluating both under graduate and postgraduate students, as well as coordinating the MPH programme. 

She has vast experience in managing, conducting, and analysing health related research in a variety of fields including health systems, reproductive health, infectious diseases, and health financing and economic evaluation. Her main areas of focus are health systems research, maternal health, cost analysis and health financing.

Dr. Ekirapa - Kiracho is currently the team leader of the MANIFEST (Maternal and Neonatal Implementation for Equitable Systems) study project aimed at saving lives of mothers and newborns through community empowerment and health systems strengthening in three districts in Uganda. 

She is also the Uganda team leader of the Future Health Systems Research consortium which aims at generating knowledge that shapes health systems to benefit the world's poor.

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